Our Philosophy

  • African Superfoods + Science + Actives

    We believe skin-changing formulation should come above all else. That’s why we choose to use African botanicals and science in a way that’s never been done before to deliver maximum efficacy. A bold claim and one we can actually deliver on.

    Yendy’s lab-formulated, pioneering skincare uses Africa’s most powerful superfoods backed by science and powered by skin-loving actives in order to tackle sensitive skin issues and protect the skin barrier.

    Which means our high-performing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to work their magic and you can actually see the results when you look in the mirror. Ta-da.

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We’re big on provenance. That’s why our products come with a certified Yendy stamp proving the raw ingredients we use are made with love and are completely traceable.

More about Yendy
  • Yendy Approved ™ African Superfoods

    We hand select the most natural superfoods to use within our formulations that merge well with the scientific ingredients and actives like hyaluronic acid and squalane. We deliberately choose these rich fruits and veggies from the continent not only for their purity and freshness but because they retain the most active compounds. They’re packed with a heavy concentration of beneficial ingredients that inject the skin barrier with rich fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants to protect, moisturise, and repair, so you can wave bye-bye to your skin concerns.

    No point having a skincare product with truly healthy ingredients if they don’t actually reach the deeper layers of the skin and support the skin’s microbiome.

  • Fair-trade

  • 100% Vegan

  • Cruelty free

  • What goes into Yendy’s formulas?

    It’s taken years to perfect our formulas and we have complete control over what goes into them. We choose to use raw superfood ingredients as well as man-made ones. It goes without saying we want to be as natural as possible but if we want our products to work, we have to use science to make sure they’re safe and above all, effective. Our scientists audit each ingredient and whilst some of them don’t trip off the tongue, we’re always mindful of what goes into our formulas and use nothing that’s questionable, harmful or abrasive to skin.


  • We don’t take an airy-fairy approach to skincare. We’re no BS. Yendy does things by the book as standard and we’re unapologetic about it.

    Cosmetic scientists in our East London-based lab formulate our products in-house, and our aim was always for our formulas to contain the fewest ingredients possible whilst still delivering the highest potency in order for our skincare to do its thing.

    You have a right to know what you’re putting in and on your body which us why Yendy tells you exactly what’s in our formulas (we even decipher those long, hard-to-pronounce names) and our African ingredients come with a Yendy Approved™ stamp, so you know we can trace them.

    And we’re up there on realness which is why we’ll always show unretouched skin. That’s just how we roll.

  • What does efficacy mean anyway?

    It’s a word that’s getting lots of hype in the world of beauty. But what the heck does it actually mean? For us, it means a product does what it promises. Yendy’s ingredients are consciously sourced and penetrate deep into skin. Our formulations are methodical with results in mind, and impact is integral in everything we do.

    We create lab formulated, and ethically produced functional skincare that looks good, feels good, and does good.

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