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Moisture Barrier Protection

Moisture Barrier Protection

We're all looking for a product that works overnight, so most of us don't stick to one product long enough to see results. Every time we see an advert or a new product that promises instant results, we hop on to the bandwagon. I'm sure you have been a culprit many times, and unfortunately, your skin probably suffered the consequences (lol).

If we are going to be very scientific, when we talk about the skin's barrier, it means the outermost layer of your skin, which consists of corneocytes bound by mortar-like lipids. A healthy skin barrier has epidermal cells, which are tightly packed to prevent water loss. However, in simple terms, the skin barrier is a protective layer of our skin that helps retain moisture, particularly water. 

One tip to note is that: A weakened/unhealthy skin barrier means moisture escapes quickly, and bacteria enters the skin easily. Your moisture barrier is likely damaged if your skin feels tight, itchy, or exceptionally sensitive.

 Many of us have suffered with acne at one point or another in our lives, and you were probably no different. Making the mistake of thinking that over-exfoliating will remove dead skin from your face along with the acne, but dermatologists have determined that over-exfoliation causes your skin barrier to weaken. So, exfoliation should be kept to the recommended number of times.

Another critical factor affecting the skin barrier is environmental factors such as prolonged cold weather and too much sun exposure/summer. When this happens, it is advised to increase our hydrating serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen use. 

Last but not least, not drinking enough water can damage the skin barrier. I know, I know, when you drink too much water, you will pee a lot, but we must do what we can to take care of our skin. Someone once told me that the required amount of water consumed in a day should be half your body weight. If this is true, my question is, are you drinking enough water?

I will leave you with one thing, though, one product you need to have in your arsenal to help with barrier protection is the yendy antioxidant power serum. The ingredients in the serum ensure that it leaves the hydrated and moisturized and restores the skin's barrier. 

Repairing your moisture barrier takes time. Remember, it takes time to see results; the gentler you are with your skin, the faster you'll see results.


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